If you are an athlete, trainer, coach or gym owner who has not experienced rotational training using the TRX Rip Trainer, you are missing the boat. The asymmetrical load strengthens the core, improves balance and amps up the heart rate unlike any other rotational training tool in the market. Get one today and find out what elite athletes like Lindsey Vonn, Jordan Spieth and Steph Curry already know!

While training X-Games gold medalist Snow-Cross athlete Mike Shultz, Pete came up with the idea for what is now called the TRX Rip Trainer. His challenge was to reproduce some of the rotational forces Mike would face while racing a 400lb snowmobile. While resting on his bed one day, he looked up into the closet and noticed that the closet rod looked like a long snowmobile handle and had an idea! Throwing all the shirts on the floor, he took the rod down into his garage, screwed an eye-bolt into one end and attached a resistance cord. He then fixated the cord to a ski rack mounted on the garage wall and started to play around with the device like he was riding a snowmobile. He pushed, pulled, rotated and jousted and quickly realized he had never felt core activation and metabolic demands like that in his entire athletic career.

After selling 50 units of his original product, called the Core 10 Trainer, he realized he needed a team. With the help of Physical Therapist Bill Fabrocini and former US National TaeKwon-Do teammate Jeff Huling, he launched RIPCORE-FX and introduced this new type of rotational training to the world. The team quickly gained the attention of industry leading TRX and after several meetings, TRX acquired the company and hired Pete as the Director of Rip Training and the face of the TRX Rip Trainer. Over the next four years Pete traveled the world educating, leading and inspiring the world to fitness. He trained all the TRX master instructors on the methods of Rip Training, appeared on nationally ranked tv shows and worked with strength coaches from MLB, NHL, NFL, UFC, US Track & Field and the US Military.

The Rip Trainer has gone on to gross over $20 million in worldwide sales, is used by top athletes like Bryce Harper, Steph Curry and Lindsey Vonn and is arguably the gold standard rotational training modality today.

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