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The Nautilus Glute Drive is the hottest commercial strength training Hip Thrust machine on the market. The Glute Drive takes a “gold standard” glute training exercise & makes it easy to set up, safer on the low back & space efficient for any gym. If you are a gym owner and don’t have a Hip Thrust solution, get with the times & enhance your bottom line.

The Glute Drive’s patented “safety catch” design by Pete Holman is changing the game in the commercial strength world. Jeff Dilts, head of product innovation at Nautilus, says “The Glute Drive is by far our most successful commercial strength training product of all time!”

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Origin Story

Pete Holman created the Glute Drive while training a client in Aspen Colorado. The client complained of shoulder pain while performing a Hip Thrust off of a flat bench. After placing an Airex foam pad behind the clients scapula to reduce pressure, he noticed how the Airex pad rotated with the client during the movement and helped groove a perfect hip hinging pattern. “Why isn’t there a free weight bench that could promote a comfortable, safe and easy Hip Thrust set-up, he asked himself?” He began the process of designing multiple prototypes, applying for a patent and creating a polished presentation to shop the idea around. Nautilus quickly saw the potential in the product, licensed it from Pete and ramped up production. Launching at IHRSA in 2018 (largest fitness trade show in North America) the product has already been sold on all seven continents and expected to sell over 3000 units in 2019. Jeff Dilts, Director of Product and Innovation for Nautilus, said “This is hands down the most exciting and best selling commercial strength piece in the history of our company!”

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Pete Holman is available for speaking engagements and training sessions for instructors, coaches, athletes and staff. He specializes in rehabilitative medicine, core performance and foundational movement assessment. Confidence and cutting edge concepts are born from 30 years of hard earned experience and training. Find out how Pete can help you pursue excellence.