Keynote Speaking

True leaders have the ability to disseminate their message in clear and simple terms, exhibit humility, deliver processes to help others lead and inspire others towards greatness. If you are looking to inspire, motivate and lead your business employees to the next level, look no further than having Pete Holman come present at your next event. His unique ability to build rapport and connect with any crowd, his experiential success in business, life and martial arts and his unique process in solving problems, translates into memorable presentations that have easily executable action steps. Part educator, part entertainer and part sensei, Pete has a flowing and easily digestible presenting style infused with a powerful message of commitment towards excellence, utilization of resources and tapping into ones “Bushido.”

Whether speaking to business executives, fitness professionals, veteran athletes or developing adolescents, Pete brings tremendous enthusiasm and a sense of urgency in route to actualizing one’s human potential.

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How Can We Help Your Organization?

Pete Holman is available for speaking engagements and training sessions for instructors, coaches, athletes and staff. He specializes in rehabilitative medicine, core performance and foundational movement assessment. Confidence and cutting edge concepts are born from 30 years of hard earned experience and training. Find out how Pete can help you pursue excellence.