I remembered back to when I was bullied in 8th grade, the feeling of isolation, helplessness and self-doubt was overwhelming and still impactful to this day. I thought to myself, if I write a story, it’s going to be about an underdog. It’s going to be about adversity, growth, leadership and love and what it takes to truly actualize one’s potential.

Cruz - A book by Pete Holman CRUZ is the story of an Hispanic boy growing up in an impoverished village on the outskirts of Tizayuca, Mexico. Cruz’s parents decide to buy him a bike for his 13th birthday in hopes that it will take him away from the violence and sinister recruitment practices of the local drug gangs. The bike becomes more than an escape mechanism for Cruz; his daily rides to a cross high atop the Sierra Gorda mountain range give him freedom, a unique purpose, and a strong sense of faith.

Unable to shelter their son from the relentless and horrific drug violence, Cruz’s parents make an emotional decision to cross the border in search of the American dream; a decision that would alter Cruz’s life forever.

Part Breaking Away and part Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Cruz is the heartfelt story of an underdog. For anyone who has been bullied, denigrated, picked on or felt like they didn’t belong, this is your story. It is a story of adversity, a story of growth, a story of athletic prowess, and a story of love.

But most importantly, it is a story about a bike.

10% of all profits go towards World Bicycle Relief.

World Bicycle Relief is an international non-profit that donates bikes to developing countries. Without access to motorized transportation, bikes significantly impact access to education, increase income, improve healthcare & enhance quality of life for underprivileged individuals. By purchasing CRUZ, you are making an IMMEDIATE impact on someone’s life.

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