Golf Forever Swing Trainer
GolfForever Swing Trainer
Worlds first two in one Golf training aid, endorsed by #1 Golfer in the world, Scottie Scheffler
Glute Drive
Nautilus Glute Drive
Worlds first plate loaded Hip Thrust machine
Escape Barrow
Worlds first Loaded Carry/Sled Push combo machine
If you are looking to inspire, motivate and lead your employees, students or athletes to the next level, look no further…
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Pete has had numerous t.v. appearances including the Dr’s and the Steve Harvey show. He has trained professional athletes including NFL hall of famers Jerome Bettis and Willie Roaf, and educated personal trainers and strength coaches from around the world including former Boston Red Sox head of Physical Therapy, Mike Reinold and New York Yankee’s S & C coach, Dana Cavalea.


Randy Hetrick

“Pete is one of the most positive, inspired people I have enjoyed the privilege of knowing in my professional career. Our decision to acquire his company and the product he created, the RIPCORE-FX (now called the TRX Rip Trainer) was made primarily because we realized how exceptional Pete’s talents as a programmer and presenter were and saw the potential for what his vision of Rip Training could quickly become. I am pleased to report that our instincts were correct.”

Randy Hetrick Owner of TRX, Stanford MBA, former Navy Seal, Division 1 rower: USC
“Pete is an “out of the box” thinker, pioneer and inventor. he is constantly in the lab inventing, creating and thinking how coaches/trainers can further enhance human performance. Most importantly, Pete is a great human being who epitomizes what a trainer/coach should be. He is passionate, energetic, enthusiastic, caring, has the highest standards and ideals, great customer service, works tirelessly and loves being a life transformer. I am proud to call him a friend.”
Todd Durkin Author, international speaker, strength & conditioning coach to numerous athletes including high profile quarterback Drew Brees, and owner of Fitness Quest 10 (rated one of the top gyms in America: Mens Health)
todd durkin
Alwyn Cosgrove
“Pete is a triple threat in the fitness industry: he is an innovator, educator and practicing trainer. I have witnessed his professionalism and expertise firsthand and he is among the best. He incorporates cutting edge science into his fitness practice, pioneered the use of rotational training for the personal trainer and is always evolving.”
Alwyn Cosgrove Author of multiple health and fitness related books, featured educator for Perform Better, International TaeKwon-Do champion and owner of Results Fitness (named one of Americas top gyms: Mens Health)

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Pete Holman is available for speaking engagements and training sessions for instructors, coaches, athletes and staff. He specializes in rehabilitative medicine, core performance and foundational movement assessment. Confidence and cutting edge concepts are born from 30 years of hard earned experience and training. Find out how Pete can help you pursue excellence.