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Shoulder The Load Idea FitThe shoulders are an integral part of our daily lives. Our shoulders allow us to serve Tennis balls overhead, retrieve groceries from the back of cars and toss kids up in the air. However, the versatility of our shoulders comes at a cost. Have you ever suffered from shoulder pain, impingement syndrome, bursitis or a rotator cuff tear? If so, this blog should be of interest to you. In my article, “Shoulder the Load,” published in the January IDEA Fitness Journal, I discuss basic shoulder anatomy, shoulder function, what can go wrong in the shoulder and most importantly, I introduce several gold standard exercises to bullet proof the shoulders. (click link below for full article)

Shoulder the Load: Mechanics and Programming for Shoulders – IdeaFit

In conclusion, the shoulders take a tremendous amount of abuse over ones lifetime which often translates into pathology. However, by introducing the three stretches and five exercises discussed in the article you will be “shouldering the load” and improving the quality of your life.

I hope you enjoyed the article and until next time, “Get After It Everybody!”

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