Pad Your Hips

with the latest creation from Glute Drive inventor Pete Holman. The PH1 Glute Drive Pad is a custom pad that attaches to the undersurface of the Glute Drive seat belt, providing padding to the pelvic bones. This aftermarket add-on ensures a comfortable Hip Thrust without compromising power.


"As a personal trainer, the Glute Drive Pad allows me to re-introduce the Glute Drive to users who have complained of pain and bruising from the seat belt. The pad is comfortable and easy to install: all my members LOVE IT!" ~Peter Mollo Fitness

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glute drive pad benefits

How Can We Help Your Organization?

Pete Holman is available for speaking engagements and training sessions for instructors, coaches, athletes and staff. He specializes in rehabilitative medicine, core performance and foundational movement assessment. Confidence and cutting edge concepts are born from 30 years of hard earned experience and training. Find out how Pete can help you pursue excellence.